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Wants Blackberry Storm
Always craving for ice cream - mostly Cold Stone.
Bina Nusantara School Serpong 2013!
Give me birthday cupcakes on May 16. I'm thirteen.
Photographer, designer, and writer.
JoBros make me shudder. Caitlin, Bunga and I think they're so gayy.
Proud Indonesian & Moslem ♥

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another ol' days
Saturday, December 6, 2008
5:10 AM
Music: Conspiracy by Simple Plan
Mood: Fucking bored.

I didn't update yesterday. I was lazy.
Soo, I skipped school yesterday. Nothing was important since exam has ended.

Nothing's interesting.
I just sat in front of my laptop and chat with some people, made some icon bases and some icons...
The same daily life.

Pengen ke Waterbom, ada yang mauu?

Thursday, December 4, 2008
3:12 AM
Music: Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland
Mood: ...Random...?

I'm sorry I haven't been updating for 3 days; my parents kept my laptop because of the exam.

The semester exam has ended today! CHEERS FOR THAT!
I'm like soo relieved. Finally the pressure has gone. Time for par-tayy!
Wait, I don't do party.
Oh well.

Bunga doesn't come to school for 3 days now D: I miss you beib.
Get well soon.

Soo after the exam today, I went to see Twilight with Prinka, Canna, and Eci.
IT WAS FLIPPIN' AWESOME! My favorite scene was the baseball scene.
I was kind of disappointed that they deleted the scene where Emmett said, "This is wrong, Edward! She's not one of us!" I love how he talked in that scene.
And I was like, "...Wtf?" when they didn't play Decode in the movie! They only played it during the credits! sdghsiohsjgerhksjm
Is it just me or Mike Newton is super cute? :D
I almost cried when Bella saw her friends going out from that family restaurant when she was leaving to escape from James.

semester exam
Sunday, November 30, 2008
6:57 AM
Music: Build God, Then We'll Talk by Panic at the Disco
Mood: Tired, impatient

If this is the test, I'm wasting my breath

Tomorrow's biggest event: semester exam!
I've got English and Business studies for tomorrow. I'm just done studying. I got distracted by a lot of things, but mostly YouTube-ing Matt Prokop. You know, Jimmy 'The Rocket' Zara in HSM3? Yup :]

I went to my cousin's house today and met some cousins. We played games. At home my sister and I saw Smart People. Well, she didn't watch it though. She was busy reading Harlem Beat, haha.

Nothing special today.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Saturday, November 29, 2008
7:36 AM
Music: This Circle by Paramore
Mood: Bored, tired eyes

Nothing special today. I woke up at 10.30 AM and immediately went to my laptop Skittles. I signed in to my MSN and surfed the web for a while, until I decided to make my bed. So I opened my room's windows and made my bed. At around 12 I went to the kitchen to take a bowl of cereal. I went to my room again after that.

At around 2.30 PM-ish I went to the mall - PIM [stands for Pondok Indah Mall], alone. I asked Canna to come along but she went to Sency [stands for Senayan City, also a mall] to see the premiere of Twilight with Illa. Fuck.

So I went to PIM and strolled around. I went to Kinokuniya for a while but nothing was interesting, so I went to buy Cold Stone. I bought a small cup of cinnamon ice cream with gummy bears! Yummeh.

I went to Musiklub [a CD store] and looked around. I saw Metro Station CD! It was so expensive in there - 220.000 Indonesian Rupiahs. I was looking for The Last Riot Tour DVD in there but it wasn't there yet .... of course.

I went to PIM 1 after that - there were PIM 1 and PIM 2. They're both at the same location but actually different malls and they're connected with 2 bridges. I went to Bonnz [another CD store] and again, I spotted Metro Station! But it was much cheaper than the one in Musiklub - it was 75.000 Indonesian Rupiahs. Seeing that I already downloaded their songs, I bought the soundtrack of High School Musical 3 instead. *insertgiggleshere*

And then I went to Gramedia [a bookstore] and stayed outside for a while because I had to finish my ice cream and we're not allowed to bring foods and beverages inside.

After I was done with my ice cream I went inside and went straight to the comics section. I took 2 comics - Sentaro and Hey Miiko! *laugh* And then I went to the magazines section. I took Girlfriend magazine and looked around at the design graphics section. Nothing really caught my attention, so I went to the stationary section because I needed to buy a pen and a corrector pen. I bough 2 pens and 2 corrector pens, though.

And then I went to A&W to wait for Mom. I didn't go to cafe or coffee shop because I ran out of money. Yeah.. I was thinking to buy credits for my phone too but seeing my money was almost empty I decided to wait for my Mom instead.

I bought curly fries and iced lemon tea and A&W and I waited for Mom as I ate/drink them while I read Hey Miiko!. A few moments after I read the comic, Mom came but went to Hero [a supermarket] to buy cat foods for our cats. Duh.

After I was done reading and eating and drinking, I was bored, so I decided to go to Mom. She was paying for the cat foods at the cashier when I got there. I helped her with the grocery and we went to Burger King to buy foods for my brother and sister. We went home after that.

At home, nothing interesting happened. I made a blend, chatting with some people, eating dinner, taking a shower, and stuff.

Monday = semester exam.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
10:38 PM
Music: None.
Mood: Hungry, relieved, hesitant.

I am guilty, but I'm safe for one more day.

Good news! We girls are safe! For a few days, at least. There was no hair inspection for the girls today, and I was like, "...No hair inspection?" when the school ended.
I'm writing this at school's library :]

Omaigot next Monday is when the semester exam starts!
Wish us good luck? I know I'll love you more than I do now if you do <3

Oh crap I should give my art teacher the art project.. Grah, now I need to go to the art room, which is way far from the library. Eek.

There was an English unit test before lunch today. Me, Chita, Pierson, and Richard are working together, meaning cheating. We cheated on each other's work ;p Tara and Jennifer cheated on Chita's work.

There are ..... Tatha, Eci/Alana and Ericsson currently here. Eci is holding my Breaking Dawn, Tatha is cengo-ing, Ericsson is already gone. Ngahahaha.

Bunga looked through my ATL and Paramore pictures in my laptop earlier. She went all, "Oh my god he's hot. Oh my god he's cute. Oh my god he's blah blah blah" whenever she saw Jack Barakat's pictures.

S.O was really cute today. He wore a pair of skinnies, a white t-shirt with some robot-ish pictures with black and pink lines - something, and a black hoodie. He looked soooo hot :D

Lalalalala I'm done for noww. Gonna update more when I'm home.


bangs in danger
6:32 AM
Music: Affinity by Red Car Wire
Mood: Desperate, sad.

S.O.S yeah, someone's gotta rescue me.

Fuck school rules.
Today there was a hair inspection for the boys. There were 31 MS7 boys got their hair cut by the hairdresser that the school had called. Andru, one of the cutest boys in my school, cried. That was what Enriquo told me.
My crush - let's call him S.O - ALMOST got caught. His hair is so cool - from the front, it looks like it's long but actually it's short. Ms. Inun told him to stand up, turn aside, and turn around. And YAY he didn't get caught! WOOT!

Now let's go to the saddest part of the day.
There is an HS10 student that looks a lot like Caleb Turman from Forever the Sickest Kids; his name is Hiro.
He. Got. Caught.
I remember.
I remember when he walked out of the room where the haircut was held.
I remember his new haircut.
I fucking cried seeing his new haircut.
It was mushroom-and-bowl-like.
Fuck school rules.

Today was the boys' turn to get haircuts.
And tomorrow is for the girls!
I effin' love my bangs D: What happens if they cut it? DOOM!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008
6:57 AM
This is where I'm going to post my stories, for the ones who don't have Mibba. 'Cos in Mibba, we must register before we read, or else we can't. Chyeah.

Not only stories, I'm also gonna post my rants about what's happening to my life. Or probably lyrics of songs that are currently stuck in my head 8D

All Time Low's Six Feet Under the Stars is playing in my head for about a week now, and I love it so much. I found my blog's name from the lines:

Overdressed and underaged,
Do you really need to see an ID?
This is embarrassing to say,
But I can cover it so well.

I like the word jaeger in the line "...the Jaeger's so sweet, but if it keeps you around, then I'm down." But when I looked it up in the dictionary, I don't really like [or rather get] the meaning, so I go for Overdressed&Underaged instead.

Enjoy! :D